We sell a range of PUMPS for bilges, fresh water, washdown, toilets, engine cooling and hand pumping. These come from such boating industry legends as Jabsco, Rule, Whale, Johnson and Pentair Shurflo.

These manufacturers provide most PUMPS, and associated fittings such as strainers, needed to operate a boat safely. We sell the products we use to service and repair boats as they pass through our yard at Stones Boatyard, and the charter yachts in our sister company’s fleet, Nanaimo Yacht Charters. What works for us will work for you!

Each pump design has specific characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The right pump for you depends on your application.

There are several features you should consider before buying a pump:

– Self-priming capability: Most pump models, except for centrifugal pumps, are self-priming. Centrifugal pumps must be installed below the liquid level and use a hose to transfer fluid because most are not submersible.

– Run-dry capability: Unlike piston, bellows, diaphragm and centrifugal pumps, impeller and vane pumps cannot be run dry without risking damage because their impellers and seals would heat up quickly, which leads to failure. Does your application could involve some dry running? If so choose accordingly.

– Flow capacity: Pumps show a gallon per minute (gpm) or litre per minute (lpm) rating for their flow capacity. However, these ratings are measured without restriction (e.g. head, hose), so it is only a relative indicator of real-world performance.

– Flow restrictions: Different pump types react to flow restriction in different ways. Impeller and displacement pumps try to move the same amount of water continuously and work harder if the discharge is restricted until something fails or they are switched off. Centrifugal pumps, on the other hand, move less and less fluid until they stop.

– Discharge pressure: how much discharge pressure a pump can handle depends on the quality of the components and the motor’s resistance to overheating.

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