We offer all our customers a range of boat care programs to suit their needs including guardianage, boat care  and winter dry boat storage, as well as yacht management.


Our boat guardianage service ensures a boat owner is able to return to his boat to find it just as he left it or often in better order. We are able to look after almost any type of craft. During the off season we offer ashore storage and provide the necessary boat care and maintenance.

Key benefits for the boat owner:

  • Safety and security of your boat.
  • Peace of mind, knowing someone is caring for your boat.
  • Local knowledge.
  • Support of the most experienced boat service team in Nanaimo.

Our guardianage services:

  • Inspection of mooring and stern lines.
  • Checking of shore power and battery charging.
  • Regular checks for leaks and airing (especially after bad weather).
  • Periodically checking the bilges and engine, and carrying out snow removal if necessary.
  • Checking/securing of all covers and tarps.
  • Regular running of engines and other machinery.
  • Stowing and securing all deck equipment, sails.
  • Cleaning of decks and interiors.
  • Charging of batteries.
  • Cleaning/washing of deck prior the arrival of owner/guests.


Our yacht management programme, through our sister company Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School, can dramatically reduce the cost of owning or buying a new yacht. You can take advantage of our charter management program which offers 80% of the charter revenue on all new, current year, boats joining our yacht partnership program. This allows us to maximize your enjoyment of owning a boat, whilst reducing the costs of yacht ownership.

For more information click through to Nanaimo Yacht Charters Yacht Management information on their website

We are a service orientated business with a long history of customer satisfaction, located in BC on Vancouver Island, one of the fastest growing cruising areas of Canada – a sure combination for success.

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