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Winter Boat Storage Tips
Boat owners have to store their vessels during the winter season, and it is important that you prepare for this in advance so that you can protect ...
10+ Tips on storing your boat for the winter
After a long summer of boating fun, it’s time to store away your vessel for the colder months ahead. Unlike your car, a boat has many more exposed parts that ...
Repairs and Maintenance for Inflatable Boats
The popularity of and demand for inflatable boats has drastically increased over the past few years. New methods of production ...
Inflatable Boat
Like any other boat, inflatable boats need proper care and maintenance in order to function at their best and last a long time. ...
Marine Store – Opening hours
A basic toolkit for your boat. Use this list for the basics.

Tide Knowledge for Boaters
What do you need to know about tides in Nanaimo. At Nanaimo boatyard we are always happy to share our knowledge and experience of boating ...
About Stones Boatyard
To help boats, yachts, or any kind of water vessel last long, it is imperative that every owner know the best practices in storage ...
Boatyard Rate
Even if you’re lucky enough to keep your boat somewhere you can sail all year round, you will still want to have your boat hauled out ...
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